All about community supported agriculture, advantages, and tips

The community supported agriculture is like a partnership between the farmers and consumers. They share all the risk and rewards equally. The community supported agriculture is giving local people to eat fresh and quality food. Which is good for them.

The farmers offer the share to the public. This can be a box of vegetables or any other thing of the farm. The people who are interested purchase the share and get a box of fruits and vegetables throughout the farming season. This has advantages for both the farmers and consumers.

Advantages that farmers got from it:

  • As they get time to market their foods before they begin to spend time in fields.
  • They get the payment early in the season.
  • They also get an opportunity to know about all people who eat their grown foods.

Consumers advantages:

  • Get the food with all benefits of vitamins
  • Consumers are exposed to new vegetables
  • They can visit the farm once in a season
  • A relation is built with the farmer, and they come to know how the food is grown.


The farmers and CSA groups acquire the land and protect it from the development. At the federal level, the security programs pay the farmers who are protecting their lands, they reward the farmers in a way that benefits soils, water in air resources. 

Tips for new growers in community supported agriculture:

  • New growers must Find a land that is cleared and leveled. Test the soil as well. For amending the soil use the compost and then add the nutrients that are only recommended. Many information about all testing of soil is available on the net.
  • You should create a garden that is not so big, that become difficult for you to maintain.
  • Try to be organically certified, this is not a problem now many services are available providing you with this facility.
  • Write good and attracting brochures, which that which vegetables are available throughout the season and which will be grown. Also, add the prices with all items. This will help you to attract people, who can be willing to purchase shares of your farm.
  • Grow vegetables of many varieties, in case if, one fails, you have another instead of it. A way of food security.
  • Buy seedlings unless the greenhouse where you sprout them.

Community supported agriculture is all about health:

If you need healthy food than healthy soil is required. When there are no pesticides, or artificial fertilizers are used toxic on foods are reduced. People to show how food is grown, eating fresh and healthy food is good for diet and keeps you away from many health problems. Community supported agriculture gives a chance to the local community to eat seasonal foods and have good health. They can enjoy the real taste that you always want.

Policies of community supported agriculture are those that support small farmers, provide them land and promote the healthier food. There are many programs that support these small local farmers.