Consumers Energy: Unusual ways that keep the energy bill lower!

Weather extremities are something that every fears the most. We all love winter and summer season respectively for the good things it brings. For instance, we all are absolutely in delight when it begins to snowfall and we get to enjoy cozy times besides the fireplace. Similarly, the summer season has its own endless pleasures. The biggest attraction is, of course, the time you get to spend at the beach! However, with every good thing comes to the bad ones as well and weathers are no different. Let’s talk about summer season for particular. Can anyone ever deny how absolutely deadly the heat waves can be? This is why it is never possible to compromise on things like the air conditioning in summers. Every second spent without AC is like living in hell. Nobody is ready to do that and as a result, the consumers’ energy cost keep on rising.

Unusual ways to lower energy bills

Do you know that you can actually lower the consumers’ energy bills drastically with help of some of the craziest and most unusual ways? In this article, we reveal the top unknown ways that you can cut down on the energy bills. You now won’t have to pay so much for killing the heat!

  • Making the heat waves softer!

The first way to beat the heat is by making the heat waves go all soft. Remember, that light color and shades reflect through the heat waves intensity and makes it ease down. Hence, you should be dedicated to ensuring that you keep the curtains closed in the summer season. This will make the heat waves bounce back, allowing only a few to pass through. You can also try painting the walls of your home a lighter shade.

  • Never choose air conditioners that are too big in size

One thing that we need to understand is that the size of air conditioners does impact its efficiency but in a way that is opposite than what we believe. We think that for bigger rooms we need to install bigger AC units or else they won’t make the room cool enough. However, what we fail to understand is that bigger AC units will consume more power in comparison to smaller ones. However, a fact that is not much known is that bigger air conditioning units fail to perform as efficiently as smaller ones. Hence, you can actually not only keep the bills lower but can also make your rooms cooler by going from smaller units.

  • Greenery outside the home should be kept minimal in summer!

Another very unusual trick to keep the energy bills lowers in summer season is to keep the greenery outside your home minimal. It is important to remember that leaves or any other plantation or even dead leaves can cause disrupt the flow of the AC. As a result, the automated machine will begin to consume higher energy levels to keep working optimally. This is definitely going to make the bill increase. You can, however, keep it under control by bidding goodbye to a plantation in the summer season.