Instagram Tools to Help You Get More Followers

get more followers

Are you wondering to get a massive following on Instagram? With the organic method and buying followers for increasing your following count, there are some tools that help you to grow your account. These tools can make a difference by building an appealing feed, improving visuals, create interesting stories and much more. Here, we will talk about some Instagram tools that could help to grow your account and engage your audience on Instagram.

Post Better Quality Photos


buy real active instagram followersVSCO has no introduction, everyone knows about it. It is most used branded hashtags and more powerful photography app right now. Even VSCO is the first choice of the Instagram influencers for photo editing. Use this app to edit your photos and make them more appealing.


Snapseed is an image editing app by Google that is easy to use and more advanced tool for photo editing. It is the perfect app to use when it comes to makes your photos visually alluring.


Over is the best app to add an overlay text onto your images. Add a creative twist to your marketing campaign by using over. It is a great option whether you are sharing motivation quotes or some useful tips with your audience.

Manage Your Instagram Contest


Running Instagram content is a great way to get more followers and WooBox makes it easy to approve entries, track user submissions and choose a winner of the contest.


If you are going to run photo content, Wishpond is the best tool to design a contest landing page, approve entries and help you to track the contest. Moreover, it also highlights the giveaways and keeps an eye on all the process of your contest.

Make Better Instagram Stories:


Storeo helps you to record a single long video instead of recording several videos of 15-seconds for stories. It slices the long video up into little 15-second clips for your Instagram stories. You can use this tool to show your in-depth content through your stories.


Boomerang is an Instagram app that turns your photos into the loop (like GIF) that plays quickly forward and backward. It is a fun yet creative way to get engage your audience. Moreover, it also helps you to attract the audience and people are more likely to land on your profile and hit the follow button.


Canva helps you to make stunning graphics. Use its mobile app to create amazing graphics for your Instagram posts. But did you know that Canva is also a great tool to create eye-catching Instagram stories? Canva has thousands of templates in a library and you can use them to design creative and unique Instagram stories. It helps to grab the attention of people and increase your following count with buying followers.


Have you ever thought to change the photo to your stories but you couldn’t do the same because you have uploaded it? Now you can make changes in your story with the help of Pixelgrade, a free app that allows you to add change or remove the date, hashtags, time and geotags in your videos and images.