Special things about Guelmim desert

It is a city located in southern Morocco. It is also known as the gateway to the desert. It is the capital of region Guelmim used a noun. This region includes southern Morocco and the northern part of Western Sahara. The population of this place is about 117000. It is a place of attraction for travellers. It includes several attractive things for visitors. These attractive things range places, castles, dunes and restaurants. We discuss some of the special things here.


This is an amazing place in this desert. This is an isolated town with sand dunes. There is an empty area as far as you can see in this place. This is a unique characteristic of this place and travelers visit this place due to this unique land. It is a barren universe in the southern Morocco. There is mosque found in this area. This is architecture on traditional culture base. Few inhabitants live here and they form a unique culture of this area.

Guelmim souk: a market

This a market in this area. Habitats can purchase vegetables, fruits and other important things needed to maintain their life. This market is held every Saturday in the morning. It is a weekly market to purchase grocery items. It is constructed in a modern way; it is extended over a wide area. Many people come here weekly. They wait to open this market on Saturday for their grocery. This is a most populated area of this region. It is located at the edge of the town and found on the road. It is located near to a mosque in this area. There is a huge stock of fresh vegetables and fruits is found here for people. A large parking area is found at the entrance of souk. A Large number of trucks, taxis, motorcycles and cars are found at this parking area. A lot of transportation sources at this area indicated its popularity in this region.

Mountain Palace

As the name suggests, a palace is located on a high mountain in this area. This is a barren land of this area occupied by a palace. Mountain Palace is a beautiful place of attraction with its unique architecture for travellers. They visit this area when they come to the desert. It is an area filled with sand and rocky texture.


It is an oasis which is very far formed Guelmim desert. It gives a view of the valley in this desert. It is filled with different beautiful things for the attraction of visitors. It gives a view of life and growth in large part of this area. Interesting and amazing things are found here such as palm trees and rooms.

Market dromedaries

It is a market of cattle which is held each Saturday. It is a place of attraction for travellers. Many camels, sheep, and goats are found here. Many types of camels are found here which real attraction of any desert in the world are.

So, Guelmim desert is a place of attraction for visitors because it is filled with different attractive things.