Top 5 YouTube Alternative Sites For 2020

YouTube is considered as the most used and best video streaming site on the internet. It has billions of user base and 5 billion hour watch time per day. But do you think if you YouTube will stop working or you will get bored with its content then what is the best alternative? Today, we will discuss some good YouTube alternatives that you can browse on the internet for watching and uploading videos. Let’s delve into it!


Dailymotion is the first choice of users as a YouTube alternative because it has a very similar user interface (UI) as of YouTube. Even it has the same video categories, that’s why it is called twin of YouTube. Just like YouTube, you can also search the videos that you want to watch by outing video title or keyword in the search bar of YouTube. But it offers you to upload 4GB upload size with the 1080 pixels resolution.


Vimeo is also another established video platform that offers high-quality visual content on the web. It is a great online platform for novice and shoddy video creators. The best thing is that you will not see low-quality content here because it supports only HD videos with HDR. The user can only upload the 4K ultra videos on this platform. Vimeo has more than 800 million user base. Due to its unique features, it is considered a great alternative for YouTube but it allows the users to upload 500Mb data in a weak, unlike YouTube.


DTube is very simple to use and has the YouTube-esque interface that makes it a great YouTube alternative. It is a very suitable alternative when YouTube is not working. You can view all types of videos here and if you are not free, you can save the video and watch it later. It is a great feature that most of the video streaming sites are not offering. You can also view the latest videos by using trending tags.


MySpace is the social networking website that was too much popular in the mid-2000s. It is a diverse site where you can watch music videos, celebrity interviews, web series and much more. It is a great platform that provides amazing visual content on the web. Although, it is not too much popular now it is the best site to watch unique video content especially videos of celebrity interviews. The good thing is that it is a combo of all the genres of entertainment. If you are a gaming lover, this site is the best place to go because it provides gaming visual content too.


MetaCafe was founded in 2003 that is the primal video sharing and streaming site on the internet. It is famous for its short videos because it allows the 90-sec video but you can watch every type of videos on this platform from music to sports and video games to entertainment. Primarily, it was very similar to video sharing giant YouTube but over the years, it refurbished as a short video site. It is the best YouTube alternative video platform.